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Bible Studies

To begin a study of God’s word it is best to start by finding our place within the world of religion in general. It is affirmed by some of those saved by the grace of God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that they do not have a religion, they have salvation. I would agree with that to an extent. We have salvation but it is obtained by a belief. Religion will be looked at here in this broadest sense as simply beliefs held. An examination of religion on this level will lead us to a noteworthy truth.

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There are only two religions in the world, the right one and the wrong one. They are quite easy to tell apart. The wrong one is based wholly or in part on man's works, the right one is not of man's works. The wrong one says don't worry it will be alright, the right one says your dead and one heartbeat from hell. The wrong one says you've got time, the right one says today, now. The wrong one makes allowances, the right one demands sinless perfection and— provides it for you.

God is the author of order, out of order comes peace. Order in life, as in all things, necessitates borders, boundaries, and rules all built upon a base of set principles. These principles are the general truths, the accepted conventions, that all else is founded upon. In the course of my studies, I have found that there are seven biblical precepts which constitute a framework for biblical understanding.

 To learn or to understand anything correctly you must learn and grasp the general principles or precepts that govern the processes of any given course. These precepts or general principles are the foundation of the processes involved and do not change regardless of the circumstance or situation?They are the lowest common denominators and the world conforms to these unchanging rules of behavior. The following studies are an attempt to introduce the concept of studying the Bible "precept upon precept." To aid in understanding this method of learning the Bible, several biblical precepts are presented for your consideration.

Salvation is analogous to a simple business transaction. The same type of commerce that takes place hundreds of times in the course of a business day among men. Do not be deceived by the transactions simplicity, regardless of how great the amount being dealt with the exchange is not complex. This description does not trivialize God's salvation. Whether you purchase a $20,000.00 house or a $500,000,000.00 high rise complex the transaction is the same. However great the mercy, grace and price of our salvation the transaction was simple.

The correct interpretation of biblical predestination has been a controversial subject within the Church since 400 AD. Up until that time man’s free will was not questioned. History verifies this but it is not our authority nor necessary to confidently solve the controversy. In this study the only question we have is “what saith the scripture.”

In some instances we are mistaken in relying on biblical understandings and traditions formed hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago without the benefit of the knowledge we currently have of creation, prophecy, and history. This study considers the question of the foreknowledge of God and how it is to be understood and the misunderstandings of those before us. It will look at three aspects, three theologies, and their different interpretations of certain passages of Scripture.

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Apart from admonishing us against reading our thoughts, minds, and worldviews into the scriptures, these articles are calling us to submit wholly and unreservedly to the wisdom of God as outlined in the Bible. It is quite humbling to have my own mistakes and biases towards and against sincere biblical study and interpretation exposed and whitewashed. As I continue to study this, it is my hope and prayer that the Lord, God Almighty will continue to reduce me to absolute humility and submission to His commands. This is a game changer, the humility and the sincerity herein cannot be understated.

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