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Studies on why the Authorized Version, King James Version, is the best possible Bible you can use.

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In the mid 1800's the American Bible Society undertook a collation of King James Bibles due to questions about changes that may have taken place in different additions. Many people in their condemnation of the King James Version are know to state that there are 24,000 changes from the 1611 version and modern printings of the KJV. I have never heard such be able to tell where that number comes from. Well, this is where it does. Many of those changes are simply re-spellings such as "shew" to "show". The conclusion of the collators on the matter was that, "Yet of all this great number, there is not one which mars the integrity of the text, or affects any doctrine or precept of the Bible." Below are the minutes to the societies meeting where the collators gave their report on completing their task. 

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