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Old historical sermons that wil enlighten the understanding of the Scriptures.

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How has the Bible been examined by modern critics? Its effect on the nations of the earth in civilizing, socializing, and elevating man; morally, intellectually, spiritually; its effect as manifested in every country where it has found its way and in our own country especially; in giving an exalted character to its system of education, a healthier tone to its morals, and making this country the greatest and noblest in the world. Its effect on the hearts of men, in making them real and true men, in giving them strength in the hour of trial, and above all, victory in the hour of death. All this has been forgotten; nay, ignored. The Bible, in the hands of modern critics, has had no credit for this. There are questions that have not been asked, ‘Is not a book that has produced, and is producing such effects, manifestly from God? Has not such a book marks of an origin not of man? Did ever a book speak like this book?’

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What a scene was displayed in that upper room! What a picture of the world in which we live. There was one as near to Jesus as a saint can ever be, whether in heaven or earth—on His bosom. There was another as far off as man can be, even possessed by the very person of Satan! In the very presence of the Lord Himself, in the holiest of all assemblies, there was a traitor. Oh, may there not be such a traitor in the heart of the holiest! May we not, in the midst of our holiest things, have a heart that is nourishing a traitor! Even where the Lord is, there stands Judas.

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One of these striking contrasts, so encouraging to the sinner, is brought before us in the narrative we have chosen for consideration; the meeting between the impotent man and the Lord of glory. While the glory of the Saviour is so brightly reflected on the one hand, the poverty of religion, its fasts and festivals, its gorgeous temple and external observances, are brought before us on the other. 

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 The Saviour's actings on earth are frequently symbolical. They present us with a beautiful picture of what He would be to His people after He had left the world. Doubtless the Holy spirit designed that every action of our Lord on earth should be a reflex picture of what He would be to His people throughout all time. Some of these actings are so true in this respect as to arrest our attention. they are so like God's dealings with His people at the present hour, that it would almost appear as if they were designed to represent these alone; while at the same time they are so natural, so simple, that they appear to be only the history of the actor and the hour in which He live.


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