Introduction to Biblical Studies - Religion

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To begin a study of God’s word it is best to start by finding our place within the world of religion in general. It is affirmed by some of those saved by the grace of God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that they do not have a religion, they have salvation. I would agree with that to an extent. We have salvation but it is obtained by a belief. Religion will be looked at here in this broadest sense as simply beliefs held. An examination of religion on this level will lead us to a noteworthy truth.

The world is full of different beliefs on God, spirituality, theology, etc. By any loose definition there are hundreds of distinct belief systems.

Buddhist lookWithin
Hindu Man
Sola Scriptura
Bible child


The following chart by Prew Research shows the percentages of the worlds major religions.


In searching for the right one as opposed to the wrong one the vast number of religions becomes a huge stumbling block. It is just too many for the common man to manage. We need just two the one or the other to be able to choose. This leads us to the study of comparative religion.

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