If all sins are paid for what stops us?

If Jesus died to pay for all sins, what is to stop us from committing heinous crimes?

The same morality that always existed, God is going to judge you. It seems there is very little understanding of salvation's methodology. The Lord’s dying for ALL sins did not save anyone. It open the door for salvation based on individual forgiveness of sins. It is a two part process. See the study, Methodology of Salvation.

God’s law, and holiness, demanded payment for sins, ALL sins. Christ pay the penalty satisfying the Law and acquiring ownership of the sin debt. The Lord’s sacrifice simply registered an accounting entry. All men past from death under the law to life under “grace” or whatever term you like. Everyone was enter into the book of life and salvation is ours to loose.

At this point all sins are paid for and the new owner can do as he chooses individually. He can for give or retain. God has based individual forgiveness and salvation on a conditional bases, whosoever will believe. If you are desirous of committing crimes or continue in sin you have not the repentance necessary to believe and if you continue God will judge you and deal with you.

So if you wish to reject God’s condition and continue committing heinous crimes you are going to burn in hell forever. The morality is still there.