Difference between Belief and Faith

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 I am often asked, "What is the difference between belief and faith?" biblically they are synonymous, faith is believing.

To understand faith biblically you must understand that the Bible only uses faith in one regard, faith toward God/Jesus.

Men have faith in almost everything they normally do. Without faith your a psychotic Paranoid Personality. Men have faith that they can drive head long at each other with only a four inch painted line to keep them from crashing. We could not open a door without faith that there was nothing on the other side that was going to hurt us. The Bible uses the word ‘faith’ in one sense, in reference to one thing and one thing only, “faith toward God.” Faith toward God, faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ, is its only biblical use.

Although faith is synonymous with believing, believing is not always synonymous with faith.

Faith is believing in that which is not seen. This is not the same as blind faith. There can be evidence that points to something which produces the faith to believe it. All creation is evidence of God.

Faith, belief, and hope, are all used synonymously at times to express our faith.

What you have faith in, believe, you hope for.

We believe on, put our faith in, Christ and he becomes our hope.

Hebrews one was mention in another response.

We know this is not the definition of faith, it is rather an effect of faith. It is our “faith toward God” that is the substance of things hoped for. It is our walking in the faith, living by the faith, that is an evident token of the things unseen.

Our living our faith condemns the lost, that is why they hate us. Our being steadfast in the faith is a witness of the truth and to them evidence of their own destruction. Our “faith toward God” is a testimony of the things we hope for and the evidence of those things not seen as yet. Trusting God, believing his word and obeying it is our works without which we have no testimony of our hope and salvation. That is why our faith without those works is dead.

You can have faith in Christ unto salvation, but you cannot show your faith without living it.