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Confirming Defending Bearing the Gospel of Christ Jesus




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REPENT! the voice celestial cries,
No longer dare delay:
The wretch that scorns this mandate dies.-
And meets a fiery day.

No more the sovereign eye of GOD
O'er looks the crimes of men;
His heralds are despatch'd abroad
To warn the world of sin.

The summons reach thro' all the earth
Let earth attend and fear;
Listen, ye men of royal birth,
And let your vassals hear!

Together in his presence bow,
And all your guilt confess;
Accept the offered Saviour now,
Nor trifle with his grace.

Bow, ere the awful trumpet sound,
Ard call you to his bar:
For mercy knows the appointed bound,
And turns to vengeance there.

Amazing love, that yet will call,
And yet prolong our days!
Our hearts subdued by goodness fall,
And weep, and love, and praise.


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