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I rest with Thee

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 I rest with Thee, Lord! Whither should I go? 
I feel so blest within Thy home of love! 
The blessing, purchased by Thy pain and woe, 
To Thy poor child Thou sendest from above. 
Oh, never let Thy grace depart from me: 
So shall I still abide, dear Lord, with Thee.

I rest with Thee! Eternal life the prize
Thou wilt bestow when faith's good fight is won;
What can earth give but vain regrets and sighs
To the poor heart whose passing bliss is done?
For lasting joy I fleeting ones resign,
Since Jesus calls me His and He is mine.

I rest with Thee! No other place of rest
Can now attract, no other portion please:
The soul, of heavenly treasure once possessed,
All earthly glory with indifference sees.
Poor world, farewell! Thy splendors tempt me no more,
The power of grace I feel, and thine is o're.

I rest with Thee! With Thee, whose wondrous love
Descends to seek the lost, the fallen raise.
Oh that my whole of future life may prove
One hallelujah, one glad song of praise!
So shall I sing, as time's last moments flee,
Now and forever, Lord! I rest with Thee!

Adolphe Morahnt