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Here Is My Heart

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Here is my heart! my God, I give it Thee;
I heard Thee call, and say,
"Not to the world, my child, but unto me;"
I heard and will obey.
Here is love's offering to my King,
Which in glad sacrifice I bring.

Here is my heart! in Christ its longings end,
Near to His cross it draws;
It says, "Thou art my portion, O my Friend,
Thy blood my ransom was;"
And in the Saviour it has found
What blessedness and peace abound

Here is my heart! Teach it, O Lord, to cling
In gladness unto Thee;
And in the day of sorrow still to sing,
Welcome my God's decree.
Believing, all its journey through,
That Thou art just, and wise, and true.

Here is my heart! O Friend of friends, be near
To make each tempter fly;
And if my latest foe I wait with fear
Give me the victory.
Gladly on Thy love reposing,
Let me say, when life is closing,
“Here is my heart!”

Ehrenfried Liedich