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Harken While You May

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This truth to you I would make plain,
All through God's Word we're told,
The Holy spirit calls to man,
Both to the young and old.

'Tis said He knocks at every heart,
At least one time in life;
And does not promise to return,
Or stay if there is strife.

When knocking at the sinner's heart, 
He pleads with tender voice, 
For him to leave the paths of woe 
And make God 's way his choice.

If you refuse to heed His Call,
He then will take His flight;
And if He fails ne'er to return,
No words can pen your plight.

In darkness you must grope through life,
The Spirit goes His way;
In misery your soul lives on,
While sorrow fills your day.

This sorrow will intensify,
E'en when this life is o'er;
'Twill torment be through endless days
As you've not known before.

The Bible states there's no return,
When from this life you pass;
Your soul will groan forevermore,
Though you may cry, "Alas."

O sinner, heed the Spirit's voice;
He calls to you today;
He will not always strive with you;
Oh, hearken, while you may.

"Down Memory's Lane With Father" 1944
Loella Hobson Ft Wayne. IN